talk 2 Me

talk 2 me



don’t call me,

don’t text me,

don’t care how i’m doing.

but You

look for me on facebook


Pretend you’re interested

in how i’m Doing.


“keep in touch”

Not Keep up with me

as far as I’m concerned.

But since last week-

-My facebook is gone!


Hello, how are you

let’s talk in person,

you make eye contact

at a party last week,

(we haven’t talked in years)

I get text messages,

and you start sending emails.


Now you care-

“How I’m doing.”.

No, I’m afraid you don’t.

You just want to see

What i’m up to.

I don’t miss facebook.

I don’t miss your “friendships”

I don’t miss

keeping Up with people-

frankly I’d rather keep up with the #Kardashians.

And for me that speaks volumes.

Good bye fake- facebook “friends”.

My question to all you wonderful WordPress folks, have you ever taken a social media break, and how did it go for you? Was it hard at first, not at all, did you enjoy it so much you never went back? I’m actually at peace not having it at all. #nolie


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