i can’t believe i see you in dreams my dreams as sappy as it sounds i think of you when you are not around when you are out of sight when you should be out of my mind there’s no pink pet for my mind; you’re permanent.

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Poem for no One

Poem for No one I do Want Nothing more Than to p u l l my fingers Through your hair- Gelled solid Like concrete Unporo us Expansive Rough Textured Jagged- Sexy.

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and Then.

and        Then. laughter leaked        between my                    cheeks as she lost her b a l a n c e from the 1st floor staircase trying to deal with her Antsy children and when the city bus        drove past Me and when i had time to realize it all that could […]

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Absent Don’t bother looking for Me when i will be somewhere else fed up with work trying to hide and avoid Real life even though i know it too well but you don’t know This and so you will spend your day Absent from me.

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Umbrella I stand With my faux-wooden arm Resembling a Japenanse decoration Piece made of bamboo Resting against the jagged concrete -waiting for that chance to be me as Jackson Pollack’s paintings become so clear and begin to fall to the earth so densely smothering me with wetness Then I shall breathe And then I will […]

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while the air held its breath i wondered how long it would last as i watched its shadow pirouette up above me slowly turning with grace and Dived into the puddle making Dainty waves reflecting a copper maple light that brightened up a sprout of water that i was speckled with that gave me a […]

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the Caterpillar

He spews watermelon smoke at me while peering down at me from an upper branch. Nothing has been making sense since I fell behind the woods and hit my head, I presume. “Who, are you, girl?” he asks me, once again spewing smoke my way. I coughed while inhaling some of the sweet vapor myself. […]

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Lunch food is life life is Food. pizza is food. I eat pizza. Life goes         On. I am….. Happy.

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