At Sunset

At Sunset I kick off my heels & again promise to never torture my feet with those hideous things again. I throw a pot of water onto the stove & while waiting for the tea to steep I glance out through the window. Wow. It’s a few minutes of hearing the kettle whistling before I […]

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Six Dollars Worth of muffins

—————————- I am sorry that I Did not give you a ride home and that you had to Walk. I wonder, how you walked home and why being so tired and drained; it was hot. I was hungry and needed to buy some muffins. Well I went and Because I Did not give you a […]

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Please don’t Step on me

I’m not going to apologize: Because your copay increased Because you forgot to give your NEW insurance card (yes they REALLY need to see it!!) Because you don’t have insurance through your job anymore Because the doctor forgot to call in the Prescription and now they are golfing for the afternoon Because I don’t have […]

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