That Coat

I went through my closet And stumbled upon that grey coat. It’s been a year since I had last seen you. Since I last wore it. I stuffed it away to the back of the closet with all the other memories. I still can grasp your scent from it. The button you snapped off is […]

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Gold your eyes that illuminate such Ardor Tenderness Yen Affection Humor twinkle whilst you are unaware but I am not and so i laugh.

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A Cat

I hurried to find Those shining eyes As it rushed away Pausing- in its dash It gaped at my hands Covered in dough.

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Midnight memories

It was raining outside, so we sat in the car parked outside of the botanical gardens. He held my hand gingerly in his. “So what about us?” What do you mean “us” I angrily thought. Some girl wears a diamond on her finger as a recent gift from you, and you still have the nerve […]

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Real Neat Blog Award

(Insert Snoopy Dance here : o)  ) Thanks so much for thinking of me!!!!: Folks make sure to check out that  ^^^^ amazing blog while you’re here. Okay so this is some sort of really cool award and chain letter built into one, so I’ve gotta keep this going. Steps for accepting the award […]

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Crashing forward

“I almost killed you”, she said, quickly digging her silver cell phone out of her k mart blue jeans. “Why didn’t you…”, I thought, finding myself lost and gravitating toward the ground to find some composure, as my ocean blue cotton shirt stuck to my back with cool and nervous sweat. “It’s YOUR fault,” she […]

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