The badass Princess

She shrieked and threw the toad into the unpurified kale and broccoli like texture of the swamp, just as a middle eastern rebel throws stones at their oppressors. Just as he reached the surface, The princess held out her hand in his direction and folded the fingers adjacent to her center finger into her palm. […]

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The station

no trains stop there anymore; the old station seems to have become only but one more feature of the landscape. The parking lot that was once packed with cars and buses was now full of snow. The train tracks hadn’t been plowed either, and the snow was so high, that if a train decided to […]

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Just waiting

It was half past two in the morning. She was waiting for her daughter to come home from a study group at her friend’s house. She said she would be home by ten. Four and a half hours later her mother came to the conclusion that there was no studying going on anywhere. She was […]

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praying for UNC

I look outside my window I see flowers blooming but further down          danger is looming people fighting people dying over silly shit like “parking spaces” but it is probably really about religion. i question myself i question the world i question people- Why? How? Why the violence? Why the tragedy- Again? […]

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