Destiny Is not a place Person Career Or thing you are supposed to Reach Meet Find Become But rather Just being Yourself right now.

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Authentic —————— I’m tired of high cheekbones And lips pursed out And contoured faces And cat eyes And sitting up straight And living your best life- on Instagram …Can we just slouch And wear jeans And sit barefoot in the backyard And eat Boston creme donuts And talk for hours about anything And have an […]

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sizzle smoke fire soar sear sauce- juice dry- sizzle dab- sprinkle smoke scents steam stop. Savor.   Yum.  

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He looked at me- with his vampy Eyes, wispy Hair, charming Smile, suit & Tie, and that is ALL it took.

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Fighting myself 

i was enraged& feeling hopeless but that is exactly what she wanted me to be. she was smothering me suffocating me trying to stomp me out like an unneeded cigarette. i did not want to be  extinguished. not now not ever. i kept my head down as long as i could, trying not to look […]

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fenced out

I sat on a folding lawn chair while drinking a mint iced tea staring at the view. beneath the view of the horizon i could see my chosen barrier 6 feet high white and vinyl fence. most drive by in admiration what a nice fence they have some think I just put up walls to […]

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The station

no trains stop there anymore; the old station seems to have become only but one more feature of the landscape. The parking lot that was once packed with cars and buses was now full of snow. The train tracks hadn’t been plowed either, and the snow was so high, that if a train decided to […]

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