Destiny Is not a place Person Career Or thing you are supposed to Reach Meet Find Become But rather Just being Yourself right now.

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Authentic —————— I’m tired of high cheekbones And lips pursed out And contoured faces And cat eyes And sitting up straight And living your best life- on Instagram …Can we just slouch And wear jeans And sit barefoot in the backyard And eat Boston creme donuts And talk for hours about anything And have an […]

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reality meets Art- part 1

I was sitting, reviewing notes intently- in fact so intently I didn’t even realize she was standing in front of me until I heard her heavy breathing. She sighed angrily. “You won okay. You were right- about EVERYTHING. Do you feel better now?” I looked up from my laptop in awe at this angry pint […]

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size Matters

I was crouched down in front of the fridge that was defrosted two days prior. I had nothing to do with it, nor was I around when it was thought to be a good idea to turn a refrigerator off, with no bucket underneath and no rags.  But it was not my practice, nor place […]

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swim away or jump right in

the plank was rainbow colored as if it had been chopped off  a tree in rainbow Brite’s garden. “Step Ahead, lass” he roared while i hesitated. he wasn’t the usual Captain Hook i had imagined. instead of a beard he wore a more modern goute that the local Starbucks barista had fashioned. he was actually […]

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The badass Princess

She shrieked and threw the toad into the unpurified kale and broccoli like texture of the swamp, just as a middle eastern rebel throws stones at their oppressors. Just as he reached the surface, The princess held out her hand in his direction and folded the fingers adjacent to her center finger into her palm. […]

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Just waiting

It was half past two in the morning. She was waiting for her daughter to come home from a study group at her friend’s house. She said she would be home by ten. Four and a half hours later her mother came to the conclusion that there was no studying going on anywhere. She was […]

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