praying for UNC

I look outside my window I see flowers blooming but further down          danger is looming people fighting people dying over silly shit like “parking spaces” but it is probably really about religion. i question myself i question the world i question people- Why? How? Why the violence? Why the tragedy- Again? […]

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Thoughts from wonderLand (part 2)

I could not take it any longer. It had been a full 12 hours of mocking and ridicule. I wasn’t even aware that I had enough Facebook friends that he could have stalked and researched to present this dissertation he was so passionate about. He pulled at one of his whiskers slyly as he pondered […]

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Midnight memories

It was raining outside, so we sat in the car parked outside of the botanical gardens. He held my hand gingerly in his. “So what about us?” What do you mean “us” I angrily thought. Some girl wears a diamond on her finger as a recent gift from you, and you still have the nerve […]

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silence echoes through my head; its too l   o  u   d vibrating like raw chicken lathered with salmonella and E coli; and so i Speak. and no One listens ignorantly filling their ear tubules with thoughts of vengance and meager flames i Yell! and no One listens ignorantly filling their minds with thoughts of vengance […]

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1st day of school

Reminiscence from another perspective She looked like she was in a rush.  But then again she always did, and in an uncomfortable way.  Her eyes were studying the freshly dissolved tea bag colored pleather that was tied onto her feet as she unsmoothly shuffled up the stairs that resembled emeralds dipped in sewage, currently accented […]

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Tired eyes drench me into sleep where I can not run far enough to dip my crackling feet in circles. where its cold and full of stones and people packed with cotton sweaters exposing half shalwar kameez. where- we’ve danced among the clouds hovering the weather that just seems Right, if you’re missing Long Island […]

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