fenced out

I sat on a folding lawn chair while drinking a mint iced tea staring at the view. beneath the view of the horizon i could see my chosen barrier 6 feet high white and vinyl fence. most drive by in admiration what a nice fence they have some think I just put up walls to […]

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Your Confession

Your confession 📇 In my hour of darkness 🌌 Instead of holding a lantern 🔦 To help light my way With an open hand 👋 and open heart 💓 You ran the other way. 👟 “You were so negative and always down” you said…. To my painful silence. What could I possibly say To UN-do […]

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Just Another Day

According to Facebook urban legend today is a day where people are required by law to leave a comment on my page with the dreaded 13 letter word no one above age 26 wants to hear (Unless you’re a pop star and need that ego boost) “Happy Birthday” . Having been on hiatus from FB, […]

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Pen Pals

What ever happened to pen pals? The other day I was cleaning out drawers and found old letters from several pen pals that I had. I remember growing up, even until high school I had many pen pals that I exchanged letters, cards, drawings, and cute little gifts with. It was really cool to talk […]

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talk 2 Me

talk 2 me ——————- you don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t care how i’m doing. but You look for me on facebook & Pretend you’re interested in how i’m Doing. you “keep in touch” Not Keep up with me as far as I’m concerned. But since last week- -My facebook is gone! Suddenly- Hello, […]

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