sizzle smoke fire soar sear sauce- juice dry- sizzle dab- sprinkle smoke scents steam stop. Savor.   Yum.  

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Lunch food is life life is Food. pizza is food. I eat pizza. Life goes         On. I am….. Happy.

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I long for a drink Not EtOh The flammable one That turns wolves into Dancing hyenas Kittens into tigers; No my surges are dry From my poisonous friend Rooted from the Amazon Neighbors with Toucan Sam. If I could follow my nose- Oh how I long for that scent Aroma Filling a room, shop, office. […]

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Coffee Wait

As per 10-10 Wins traffic report:20 min at the #hollandtunnel15 at the GW bridge 25-30 min wait at your local @Starbucks for a frappucino

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