Destiny Is not a place Person Career Or thing you are supposed to Reach Meet Find Become But rather Just being Yourself right now.

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Authentic —————— I’m tired of high cheekbones And lips pursed out And contoured faces And cat eyes And sitting up straight And living your best life- on Instagram …Can we just slouch And wear jeans And sit barefoot in the backyard And eat Boston creme donuts And talk for hours about anything And have an […]

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the Timepiece

first  it was a  symbol of bad luck and led to  a lot of  bad times; then it became a sign of good luck  and things got  better; then I realized- it was just a  Watch.

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“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” -Uknown #quote #karma #sunday #wisdom

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Fighting myself 

i was enraged& feeling hopeless but that is exactly what she wanted me to be. she was smothering me suffocating me trying to stomp me out like an unneeded cigarette. i did not want to be  extinguished. not now not ever. i kept my head down as long as i could, trying not to look […]

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fenced out

I sat on a folding lawn chair while drinking a mint iced tea staring at the view. beneath the view of the horizon i could see my chosen barrier 6 feet high white and vinyl fence. most drive by in admiration what a nice fence they have some think I just put up walls to […]

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praying for UNC

I look outside my window I see flowers blooming but further down          danger is looming people fighting people dying over silly shit like “parking spaces” but it is probably really about religion. i question myself i question the world i question people- Why? How? Why the violence? Why the tragedy- Again? […]

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