Please don’t Step on me

I’m not going to apologize: Because your copay increased Because you forgot to give your NEW insurance card (yes they REALLY need to see it!!) Because you don’t have insurance through your job anymore Because the doctor forgot to call in the Prescription and now they are golfing for the afternoon Because I don’t have […]

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talk 2 Me

talk 2 me ——————- you don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t care how i’m doing. but You look for me on facebook & Pretend you’re interested in how i’m Doing. you “keep in touch” Not Keep up with me as far as I’m concerned. But since last week- -My facebook is gone! Suddenly- Hello, […]

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I long for a drink Not EtOh The flammable one That turns wolves into Dancing hyenas Kittens into tigers; No my surges are dry From my poisonous friend Rooted from the Amazon Neighbors with Toucan Sam. If I could follow my nose- Oh how I long for that scent Aroma Filling a room, shop, office. […]

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Midnight tea

It’s the bewitching hour. I look out my window- see no witches- And carry on with my tea making. I’m boiling the water To create a potion Hopefully Sweet Sizzling Soothing Serene And a long serenade for my throat. I pour the water over the tea leaves Encapsulated by love, cotton, and a staple gun. […]

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