swim away or jump right in

the plank was rainbow colored as if it had been chopped off  a tree in rainbow Brite’s garden. “Step Ahead, lass” he roared while i hesitated. he wasn’t the usual Captain Hook i had imagined. instead of a beard he wore a more modern goute that the local Starbucks barista had fashioned. he was actually […]

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I’m no Cinderella

He was angry. I sat in silence for about another few minutes before I felt compelled to say something. “What’s the matter?” I said before elegantly taking a sip of my Starbucks. He took a deep sigh. “You know what is. You don’t feel the same way as me.” He took out his cellphone and […]

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Thoughts from wonderLand (part 2)

I could not take it any longer. It had been a full 12 hours of mocking and ridicule. I wasn’t even aware that I had enough Facebook friends that he could have stalked and researched to present this dissertation he was so passionate about. He pulled at one of his whiskers slyly as he pondered […]

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Thoughts from wonderland (part 1)

i look around the room. he’s got me tied up with licorice wheels or what were licorice wheels, rather. he lurks behind a makeshift desk constructed out of a snack table and neon colored folding lawn chair that i probably sat in while dancing to the Spice girls in the 90s. he slurped his slushy […]

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Please don’t Step on me

I’m not going to apologize: Because your copay increased Because you forgot to give your NEW insurance card (yes they REALLY need to see it!!) Because you don’t have insurance through your job anymore Because the doctor forgot to call in the Prescription and now they are golfing for the afternoon Because I don’t have […]

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the Caterpillar

He spews watermelon smoke at me while peering down at me from an upper branch. Nothing has been making sense since I fell behind the woods and hit my head, I presume. “Who, are you, girl?” he asks me, once again spewing smoke my way. I coughed while inhaling some of the sweet vapor myself. […]

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