It will rain


5 thoughts on “It will rain

  1. Since you are new to me, just where are you from? Those temps. are great. Wish I had them here in PA. It’s been awful warm here lately. Humid and hot. Not very good weather to be outside, unless you love the heat and humidity. I can take the heat and humidity, but only for so long. Then I have to go somewhere where it’s cooler.

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    1. This is Long Island NY. Hot humid and awful here right now. Especially after the rain. Humidity is awful dry heat I don’t mind but not the case here.


  2. Rain.. Its beautiful, it freshens up everything..!
    Can you please tell me how you got the pic! Since, I always have seen the background of the weather app having the live form of whats the weather outside!
    Or its a background reflection which is behind you, putting 5 circular pinky! 😋


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